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Independent Feature Film Writer-Director

The Independent Feature Film Writer-Director

The independent feature film writer-director has a strong individual voice reflected in a film. It is common that films written by a screenwriter are no longer involved with rewrites of their original script. If the script is kept the same – the screenwriter rarely is included on the set. This differs a lot from theater where the playwright often collaborates with the director throughout the production.


Often viewers say that they have just seen a film but it seemed as if they were watching two or three different movies. That may be because of the different voices and opinions that have been weaved into the production. Could you imagine a painting or novel completed by multiple artists and businessmen? When the voice of a film is interrupted or changed, the vision, perspective and art of the film suffers. This is not the case with the independent  feature film writer-director.


There are many facets in the complex process and collaboration of filmmaking that films often do not fall under one vision. The independent feauture film writer-director has control over both story and bringing it to life. Current examples of independent feature film writer-directors are Woody Allen, John Sayles and Kevin Smith. A strong director-writer may be the closest a film has to a true author.


North Hollywood Pictures - a Los Angeles area film production company  creates  independent feature films by writer-director Don Haderlein.  


Moonbeams by Don Haderlein
Independent Film Director
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