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Independent Feature Film Movie Investments

Independent Feature Film


Independent Feature Film Investments


Independent feature film investments can be a way to invest in a project you believe in and share in the profits of a successful film. Most investors are not able to invest and participate in Hollywood films. Independent feature filmmakers allow investors to share not only in the profits of feature film but they are often invited on to the set to meet the stars and observe the process up close.


Independent feature films are high risk, but if the film becomes a hit, the rewards can be great. An investor needs to do their due diligence on the film company before investing. Since no one knows for sure which film is going to be a hit, it may be best to invest in the type of film you want to see made.


Independent feature films are made on a smaller budget than studio films. If the film is a hit, some have generated box office equal to the major studio productions. The most successful independent feature film to date is "The Passion of the Christ" which worldwide box office gross reached $611,899,420.*


Independent feature films do not have to perform as well the major studio films to generate income for its investors. This is because there are less costs to recoup. The independent feature film investors often share in a higher percentage of the over all gross profits.





North Hollywood Pictures is an independent feature film company which produces art-house and specialty films. 

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