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"Moonbeams" by Don Haderlein

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MOONBEAMS by Don Haderlein

The film "Moonbeams" is a coming of age story about Dave Parker (Peter Richard), a boy who talks to the moon. The festival and Telly award winning film produced, directed and written by Don Haderlein stars Castulo Guerra (Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Alamo), Mary Joan Negro (NYPD Blue, The Practice) as the boy's psychologist and teacher who are both determined to uncover the truth about his imaginary friend.

Voiced by veteran radio and television actor Art Gilmore (Dragnet, Highway Patrol), the moon begins talking to Dave as his family is falliing apart. When Dave's family, friends and Dr. (Norman Snow)  think he is losing his mind, mysterious events begin to happen that change the lives of Dave and those around him forever.

Don Haderlein's Moonbeams won the Silver Telly Award in the 24th Annual Telly Awards. It also won the Finalist Feature Award at the Delta Film Festival. The film is distributed by Tapeworm Video Distributers. It is available for purchase through Tapeworm Video or at Moonbeams can be rented from both Netflix and Blockbuster Online


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Moonbeams by Don Haderlein
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Viewer Feedback:



"Very touching...touches the truth"

"Best film in the festival..."

"Great movie"


"Great story, Great movie...the sound is so much better than in current movies where music makes it difficult to hear the dialogue."

"A story well told...very good film technique"

"A real story that holds one's interest"

"Great music and story incorporated well"

"The subtle style allows you to be a silent observer in the life and events of this child as if we were there with him. It allows you to focus on being told a powerful story - and this is rare in today's films. It is as if the camera caught the events by accident."

"Sensitive and real. What you have done is create beautiful art -reflecting life - reflecting us."

"The film stays with you. I thought about it for days. Unlike most films you forget about shortly after leaving the theater."

"I loved the cinematography! What a unique and cool style...impressive!"

Moonbeams by Don Haderlein
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Distributed by Tape Worm Video

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