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With The Angels

Contemporary Christian Music by Bernadette Haderlein 

Because I Love You

Because I Love You
Bernadette Haderlein

WITH THE ANGELS by Bernadette Haderlein

"With The Angels" is an award winning contemporary Christian album by singer-songwriter Bernadette Haderlein. The album is produced by Don Haderlein for Beautiful Heart Ministry. He also performs on drums. The song "Wash Me Clean" won an Honorable Mention Award from the Billboard Songwriting Contest.

For information on the cd "With The Angels" by Bernadette Haderlein, click on the link or album cover below.

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"If you like contemporary Christian music, you'll love this! The songs are more about your relationships with God and other people than about "religion" per se. Bernadette Haderlein has one of the sweetest voices I've ever heard, and her songs are really poignant. "Only Love" is really bouncy and clever - my kids love to sing along to it. "Thank You, Mom" and "With the Angels" made me cry! I play it for my friends and they like it, too. I hope they (and you) buy a copy!" 

Mike H.

Winner Billboard Songwriting Contest
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Honorable Mention Award

With The Angels By Bernadette Haderlein
With The Angels available at
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With The Angels
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Music From The Motion Picture  
Film music by Bernadette Haderlein from the motion picture film Moonbeams.

Moonbeams soundtrack by Bernadette Haderlein.jpg

Bernadette Haderlein writes and performs original music for the motion picture film "Moonbeams"


From My Mother To You

From My Mother To You
From My Mother to You Bernadette Haderlein.jpg
The O'Reilly Family In Concert

Bernadette Haderlein performing live with her family.

The O'Reilly Family Concert II  "Somebody To Love"

Bernadette Haderlein performs live at the Chicago Historical Society along with her family. "From My Mother To You" is a double CD.

Somebody To Love
Somebody To Love  with Bernadette Haderlein  .jpg
The O'Reilly Family Concert II

Bernadette performs live at the Steppenwolf  Theatre again with her family on this follow up two cd set "Someone To Love" produced by Bernadette and Don Haderlein. 


Still Still Still
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Bernadette Haderlein

Bernadette performs Still, Still, Still a beautiful traditional Christmas carol on this single.

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